State of Emergency, Part II

In the Nairobi moonlight, a reporter squints into the harsh glare of a mounted light on a rooftop and clears her throat, preparing to deliver a news story. Her producer, Grace, is on comms with the director back at Nation Centre, fifth floor.

Live, On Thursday Night

It’s Thursday night. In the crisp, neon-lit evening, loud guitar riffs and drums rent the night air. In the back of the large crowd, Abdi Rashid Jibril is leaning against a wall, bobbing his head…


“Stories.” Fiction. Set in Nairobi. This is currently the home of Nairobi’s own Alexander Ikawah, and his work of serialized fiction “State of Emergency.”

About Side Hustle

Welcome to Nairobi Side Hustle! Side Hustle is a magazine devoted to Nairobi. It is created by people who love Nairobi and are fascinated by Nairobi and wanted to see more and better journalism about the city and the people who call it home. Want to get in touch? Find us on Twitter @SideHustleNBO or on…

The Hellraisers of Nairobi

By Edith Honan The only thing that made it different when this 15-year-old girl went to the Huruma Police Station to report that her neighbor had raped her was the presence of a brigade of local female hellraisers. She had come alone to this same station a few weeks earlier to report the rape. Nothing…

36 Hours in Nairobi: An Insider’s Guide

By Nanjala Nyabola With a reputation for grit and glamour, Nairobi is an African city whose outsize reputation precedes it. It’s a heavy and earned reputation — at its worst the city can be a tough and unforgiving place. In order to avoid much of the grime, most travellers opt to remain in what locals call the…

Burundians in Nairobi

Davy Ngarukiye explores his Burundian heritage through the lens of fellow expats in Nairobi.

The Gospel Car

Ride Nairobi’s commuter train with photographer Tobin Bryce Jones